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A Little About Us

I thought we’d have a little fun with this one so you could get to know us a bit more!

I found some questions from and sprinkled in a few of my own. Let’s see what kind of crazy answers we came up with.

Question: What’s your favorite TV Show?

Ryan: “I don’t know that I actually have one but I’ve really been enjoying Ted Lasso. Basically, anything that makes me laugh works for me!”

Morgan: “Ahhh. This is a hard one!! I like so many shows. I’d have to say that my absolute favorite show of all time that left such a mark has to be Downton Abbey. When Matthew Crawley died, I audibly gasped and started crying my face off. Ryan came running from the other room asking what was wrong. I couldn’t get it out so all he heard was, “he died.. he died.” He legitimately thought that family member had just died. When he found out that it was Matthew Crawley, he didn’t have nearly the same reaction that I did. Haha!”

Question: What’s your claim to fame:

Ryan: “In college, I was the social chair for two years, and I was also the philanthropy chair. I loved all of the stuff I got to work on in college. If I had to identify a few more, I was awarded top performing personal banker at Bank of America in Idaho and Washington in 2013 and I won the Rookie of the Year award when I first started in Real Estate.”

Morgan: “I once sang the National Anthem with my High School choir group at the Mariner’s game. But since Ryan’s answers seemed a bit more extensive than my answer, I’d have to also say that I was super honored to be asked to sit on the Advisory Board at North Idaho College for the Paralegal program.”

Question: Are you usually early or late?

Ryan: “Ha! Late! I am pretty consistently 3-5 minutes late.”

Morgan: “This has been a struggle throughout our marriage. Haha! I am ALWAYS early. If you’re not 15-20 minutes early, you’re late. Ryan disagrees with me and that’s why we’re a good balance.”

Question: What job would you be terrible at?

Ryan: “Probably a journalist. I would much rather enjoy a personal conversation instead of putting hours into typed out conversations.”

Morgan: “Probably a vet. I would probably cry the whole time I was trying to treat an injured animal.”

Question: What’s your favorite holiday?

Ryan: “It’s a tie between Christmas and Fourth of July!”

Morgan: “CHRISTMAS!!! I love EVERYTHING around this holiday. I love decorating, I love gift giving, I love singing carols, I love it all!!!”

Question: What’s your favorite season?

Ryan: “I’d say Spring or Summer! But I do love them all because the four seasons we have in our area can’t be beat!”

Morgan: “Fall! I love the crisp air so much.”

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